The Markwolfs

We are a small group of friends, mostly from the city Aschaffenburg in northern Bavaria, committed to Reenactment or Living History and Combat Reenactment of Western or Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).

The portrayals in our group are centered on the European Early Middle Ages and range from Saxons, Danes and Norwegians to Eastern Europe. Every Member is free to choose date and location of his or her portrayal freely within a reasonable frame. In addition to that many of our members practice timely crafts.

Most Markwolfs are active HEMA sportsmen and meet regularly for training. We focus on Huscarl, an advanced variation of the widespread Codex Belli system which we also practise.

Many of our Members are also part of the Danelaw, an association of Reenactors with portrayals of the Saxon Wars and the Danelaw Campaign in the time from 780 to 880. Furthermore, the fighters of the Markwolfs perceive themselves as part of the HIFU and beholden to the ideal of an international fighter community focused on enjoyment of the sport without group-politics and hassle.



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